Wiggly Warrior (5+)

Wiggly Warrior (5+)

What is a Wiggly Warrior Class?

The only class we offer for children as young as 5. It is an instructive class for kids 5-8 (we focus on the younger 5 & 6 ages the most). This class is 40 minutes and focuses on balance, agility, obstacles and speed. The kids will have some free time to play on the ninja obstacles. They may be able to reach 4-9 hanging obstacles.

Notice: most obstacles are built around kids who are 48″ or taller, so the Wiggly Warriors class is focused on more groundwork, fun courses and challenges. You can come to one class or sign up for a series of classes to see real progress!

What is the cost?

These 40-minute classes are currently only $11 per session.

Wiggly Warrior classes are each Saturday and Sunday at 12:10 PM (please arrive at 12). 

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