St. Cloud

3900 Roosevelt Rd
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Call/Text: 320-227-6020

Party Description: Each party will start with a brief warm-up and safety instructions. Participants will get plenty of free time on the array of obstacles. A low-pressure competition will take place using our specialized timer and red buzzer that participants get to slam to stop their time! All groups get a designated coach to run the obstacle space. Our space is extremely clean and professional! Please come enjoy the new St. Cloud party experience with your group!

Party FAQ (click here)
How much does it cost to add another participant over the 10 participants?

It is $12/participant over the 12 participants included.

Do spectators/parents need to pay?

Those spectating/chaperoning do not need to pay.

Can I book a party during the week?

Yes, if there are slots available, but the only option is Obstacles Only parties.

What ages are best suited for these parties?

We find the most suitable ages for parties are 5-16. However, all ages will be challenged and experience the fun!

How difficult are the obstacles?

The obstacles range from very easy to very difficult with the majority of obstacles being in the easy to medium difficulty range.

Why are parties only 50 minutes in the gym?

We have noticed over years of experience that after 50 minutes and the kids’ hands start to ache. Our normal Sessions are also only 50 minutes long. This is plenty of time for participants to experience all the obstacles and join in a low-key obstacle course race (3-5 simultaneous easy obstacles).

Do you supply all tableware for the party room?

Yes, those that choose the Elite Party get all tableware including cups, plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, napkins, straws, cake-cutting knife, paper towels, etc.

What is the pizza discount mentioned in the Elite Party?

The pizza discount is 20% off a la carte at Jet’s Pizza. Jet’s also offers a party platter for $25 that includes 30 slices.

Does the Elite Party start with gym time or the party room?

The Elite Party starts with 50 minutes in the gym followed immediately by 40 minutes in the party room.

What is the minimum age for a party participant?

The minimum age is 5 (4 with close adult supervision).

Can parents stay and watch?

Yes, we encourage this!

How do I book an Obstacles Only party?

Once you select the booking link, you will be taken to the Sessions booking schedule. Please select the checkbox that says: “Private event: Book entire Session.”

Are the certified coaches first aid certified?

Our certified coaches are first aid/CPR/AED certified with other training in anaphylaxis.

Where do parents go to sign waivers for their children?

Please use this link for all waivers:

Is there a way to check the status of who has/has not signed the waiver for my party?

The only way for us to check for signed waivers is if you send us a list of all participants’ first and last names. You may be best suited to contact the invitee directly to save time. We do also have iPads for waivers onsite.

Do you offer paper copies of the waiver, or allow me to make paper copies myself?

No, we do not. We apologize for this restriction. All waivers are received electronically, either offsite by use of a smartphone/computer or onsite with our Waiver iPads.

Do you have a water fountain?

No, we do not, but we do offer a vending machine with cheap water. The Elite party comes with free water bottles.

Where do the parents/chaperones sit while they watch?

They sit either on benches with a clear view of the gym area or are free to walk around and support the participants.