Ninja Warrior Preschool Class

Reviews from Google & Facebook

Ninja Warrior Preschool Class

Reviews from Google & Facebook

What is our preschool class?

This unique class combines exciting obstacle challenges, short workouts, and individual free play. Little Ninjas will be in small groups led by an amazing ninja coach who has children of her own. Your child will develop awareness, manners and self esteem in these classes.

Who are preschool classes for?

These classes are suitable for ages 3-5 at any skill level. 

What is the cost?

Preschool classes are for members only. See memberships HERE.


These 45-min classes are the perfect length!

Meet the instructor (Jen Voigt)

With a lifelong passion for early education and a love for all things Ninja, I am excited to coach your children at Ninjas United! My two oldest boys, who are talented ninjas, ultimately inspired me to start my journey in training, competing and coaching. I look forward to combining my skills and enthusiasm as an elementary school teacher, mom, and ninja athlete to successfully coach Ninjas United’s youngest athletes.

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