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Join Us for Your Party Or Field Trip!

Join Us for Your Party Or Field Trip!

What is a Ninjas United party/field trip?

Everyone simply joins any NinjaFocus class and participants are brought through the same experience as they would if joining a class by themselves! We not only explain safety and tips but give challenges and coaching. Every participant will experience a bit of the TV Show!

We do not offer any tables/space for presents or food. Food is not permitted inside our gym. You will most likely share the space with other participants if your group has under 24 participants.

To book a party, choose a NinjaFocus class slot and select the number of participants. It is that easy!

Rules & Cautions

Participants must be 48″ tall or 8 years old to join, whichever applies. Relay this to all families. If a child does do not meet these minimum requirements, they will not be permitted access to the obstacle space.

Because our Maple Grove location is a training facility, we ask that children under 5 are not brought into the facility except for speedy drop-off/pick-up of family members. We ask that all children are monitored very closely. We request that this information is relayed to invitees!

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