Obstacles by location

Last updated: 9/7/17

St. Cloud

(Family Gym)

Warped Wall 15′ w/ 14′ & 13′ beginner holds
Warped Wall 11′ w/ 10′ & 9′ beginner holds
Ring Run
Cannon Ball Run
Tilting Ladders
Cone Run
Monkey Bars
Lache Bars
Cargo Nets
Trampoline Jump
Rope Swing
Rope Traverse (2)
Rocks Climbing Walls (3)
Campus Board
Peg Board
Banana Run
Quintuple Steps
Balance Beam
Ring Walker
Short Pipe Run
Balance Pods
And more!

Buffalo Indoor

(Elite Facility – Ages 12+)

Salmon Ladder
Double Salmon Ladder
Flying Bar
Spider Climb
Lache Bars
15′ 6″ Warped Wall
Cliffhangers (3)
Cannon Ball Run
Devil Steps
Peg Boards (3)
Campus Board
Rock Walls (4)
Stunt Trampoline
Bar Hop
Banana Ascent
Ring Climb
Mock Invisible Ladder
Ring Mountain
Nunchuck Ascent
Globe Graspers
Bungee Climb
Cargo Nets
And more!