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What is our new Ninja Nerf Night?

Also called Parents Night Out. We start with a variety of Nerf battles with some of the best Nerf blasters available! Following Nerf wars, we move into free play on our Ninja Warrior obstacles! During the last 20-30 minutes, the group shares free delivery pizza.

When is Ninja Nerf Night?

Every Friday night from 6:45-8:45. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early. We do have a small, mostly free arcade that kids can use at any time if they don’t feel comfortable on the obstacles for very long.

What is the cost?

You get 2 hours of Nerf, Ninja & free pizza for only $17 (includes sales tax).

The minimum age is 7. Parents are welcome to participate, watch or drop children off. We have mostly kids age 8-15 playing, but adults do join in!

Everyone wears our Nerf goggles. We provide all Nerf blasters and ammo.

Our standard blaster is the Artemis which holds 30 rounds! One easy pump action for each blast.

Elite Upgrade is the Perses, which holds 50 rounds and is full auto!

Pro Upgrade is our fully automatic Nemesis with a NiMh battery upgrade! Holds 200+ rounds.

Epic Upgrade is the Prometheus, which holds 1000+ rounds and has a sling.

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