Youth Teams

Youth Teams

What is the Ninjas United Youth Team?

Youth can train harder and see progress faster! They are part of the Ninjas United (NU) Crew. Our focus is on training for competitions. Starting this July, we will be hosting monthly competitions. We will prepare your child to face new settings with courage. Youth choose one formal team class per week. The other visits to the gym can be open gym or mixed classes.

Who can attend?


Youth Team Classes (Level 6+)

Your child can attend one formal team class per week. You can still be on the team if these times don’t work for your schedule. These team classes run during our Mixed Classes and have their own dedicated coach. So, parents or other siblings can come together and will have different coaches. 

Team Prep Classes (discontinued)

Team prep is discontinued as our Mixed Classes do the same thing–preparing youth for our teams.

What is the Cost?

Free with memberships.

Current Team Schedule (click here)


Tuesday 4:15 & 5:30 & 6:45

Thursday 4:15 & 5:30 & 6:45

Saturday 9:45


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