Youth Teams

Youth Teams

 June 1st, we will officially start youth teams!

We offer a unique chance for youth to prove that they have what it takes to succeed in this sport. 

Youth teams are for ages 7-16. We offer a supportive and flexible team setting. Challenges and courses are designed for all ages. Our coaches are friendly and supportive! This is real training!

Formal Youth Team Class is Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 PM. Your child will attend one team class per week. You can still be on the team if these times don’t work for your schedule. These team classes run during Open Classes and have their own dedicated coach. So, parents or other siblings can still come together, but will have different coaches. Again, formal team practice is not required to be on our team, but it is strongly encouraged. Formal Team Classes are 100% structured.

Formal Pre-Team Class  is Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15 PM & Saturdays at 9:45 AM. These formal training classes also run alongside normal Open Classes and have their own coaches. Pre-Team Training Classes don’t require as much preliminary experience and may be more suitable for some younger or newer members. Formal PRE-Team Classes are 75% structured with the other 25% being free play.

We want to be your family for all things Ninja. Stay tuned to Facebook and this page for updates!

COOL FACT! Ninjas United formed the first competitive Ninja Warrior team in Minnesota back in early 2015!

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