NU Crew!

NU Crew!

What is it? 

NU Crew is a group of teen and adult athletes that are dedicated to our gym and their fitness. We would consider ourselves the teen and adult team. Whereas youth can try out for the youth team HERE.

When is it?

Every Wednesday from 7-8:30 PM. Sometimes we go until 9PM.

What is a class like?

We add much more intensity than a normal class! We focus on everything from pure ninja strength to weightlifting and cardio. 

Due to such intensity and programmed exercises, we demand a certain level of skill and ability before participating. Physical requirements to be checked off by a coach.

How can I join?

You must be able to perform all the physical milestones below and be at least 13 years old. You also need an active membership or get special permission from a certified coach.

Ninja Skills
Complete the Double Salmon Ladder

Run for 1:30 on a treadmill that is set to a 12% incline at 8mph.

Perform 15 unbroken thrusters at 40% of your bodyweight (proper form).

Walk 15′ across a slackline that is 20-30′ long. Solid-base slacklines are too easy.

Touch your second knuckle to the floor in a standard “toe touch” stretch.

NU Crew candidates should participate in at least 3 NinjaCross classes prior to admission.

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