Ninja Warrior Gym For Homeschool Students

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Ninja Warrior Gym For Homeschool Students

Offered during the school year

Homeschool Class

Learn basic skills to conquer new obstacles. These classes are for ages 6-17 as our facility is geared to handle all ages. Engage with our coach to learn how to advance to the next level!

Session Price (8 weeks): $120

Contact Coach Jen for more details:


What are the benefits of Ninja Warrior?


Our classes have the structure you need to keep your youth growing and learning! Classes will transform your youth into confident, strong and mature athletes.


Who teaches the class?

Meet the instructor (Jen Voigt)

With a lifelong passion for early education and a love for all things Ninja, I am excited to coach your children at Ninjas United! My two oldest boys, who are talented ninjas, ultimately inspired me to start my journey in training, competing and coaching. I look forward to combining my skills and enthusiasm as an elementary school teacher, mom, and ninja athlete to successfully coach Ninjas United’s athletes.



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