Rules and FAQ


What are Open Sessions like?
We at Ninjas United want everyone to have a safe and educational experience while allowing kids and adults to explore the obstacles on their own. Sessions start with a group warm-up. We strive for roughly a 50/50 ratio of self-guided exploration and coach structured help.

Do you have open gym?
We do not offer strict open gym. We focus on the quality of the coached environment through dedicated and certified Ninja Warrior coaches. However, our classes are hybrid and include 50% free time and 50% structure.

How much is class?
We have a range of prices. Please see each location.

What are your class times?
Please see each location for its own unique times.

What should I wear?
For details on what you shouldn’t wear see Dress Code. We recommend you wear comfortable, but not too baggy shorts and shirt. Tennis shoes work, but minimalist shoes are better.

What should I bring?
Hand towel for sweat, water bottle or money for vending.

Who owns Ninjas United?
Kevin Hogan, EA. Kevin was on Seasons 6 & 7 of American Ninja Warrior and got up the Warped Wall to complete the City Qualifiers course both years. Kevin works closely with his brother and father in engineering the future of Ninjas United.

All individuals who enter our facility (participant or not) must sign that location’s unique waiver.

Keep personal belongings off and away from the obstacles.

If you see blood, you must notify staff ASAP. All equipment must be disinfected immediately. You may only return to activity upon staff’s permission.

Arrive to class 5-10 minutes early.

Stay off obstacles until you are given permission/clearance.


Each location has its own unique cancellation policy. Please contact the location directly.

No inappropriate words or graphics.

Tops:  At a minimum, a tank top must be worn. Mid-section must be covered.

Footwear:  Wear tennis/athletic shoes. Shoes should be clean and securely fastened.

Accessories:  No rings.

Each location has its own unique membership protocols. Please contact each location’s staff. Thank you.

Minimum age is set per location. See each location for details.

For invitation details click here.

All parents of minors and anyone participating need to sign our online waiver before arriving at facility.