5 Reasons You Should Include Ninja Training as Part of Your Child’s Summer Schedule

Ninja Training and OCR (obstacle course racing) may be one of the newest fitness trends, but is a real sport and is seizing the world’s attention at a startling rate. Gaining in popularity, many people believe that they’re not at the fitness/strength level needed to succeed. Don’t be fooled. Ninja training is an excellent source of entertainment, sport, and fitness for anyone, regardless of fitness level and age. In fact, for kids, it can be one of the best and most rewarding experiences.

With the school year coming to an end and a summer full of activity ahead, here are 5 reasons you should include ninja training as part of your child’s summer schedule.

Kids are Moving into Alternative Sports
If you’ve spent the last few summer seasons watching your kids try their hardest with traditional sports but they’re just not enjoying them the way you did as a kid, perhaps the best fitness for your children is to move them into alternative sports. Your kids will still get a work out (trust us, ninja training is the best kind) without having to stand out in a field waiting for a ball to come to them.

There’s No Pressure to Become the Best
Through ninja warriors, you can give your kids a chance to focus on what they enjoy without the pressure of most team sports. They’ll be supported every step of the way, at every milestone they reach. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the look of accomplishment when a child overcomes an obstacle!

More Affordable and Flexible
There’s no need to save up half a paycheck for equipment that will only fit them for one season. With Ninja Warriors, each kid’s most important pieces of gear are their hands, feet, and continued strive to succeed. With Ninja Warriors, you don’t necessarily need to come the same time each week – schedules are flexible with many open times that can work into your family’s routine.

Builds Confidence with Friendly Competition
Your child may start the Ninja Warrior program knowing nothing about the sport. You will notice over time that any confidence, self-esteem, and other common personality issues that appear in some children, will quickly begin to change for the better. With each obstacle and skill level your kids overcome, they’ll also be challenging themselves to beat their own time, etc. It’s amazing to see!

It Promotes Teamwork and Friendship
So many friendships and teams begin to build with Ninja Warriors. Members of Ninjas United support each other, build each other up, and cheer each other on. Life long friendships are made within the sport of Ninja Warriors. Your child will also learn those soft skills, like teamwork and motivation, that will follow them through their younger years and into their adult life.

The summer is here and there are amazing opportunities waiting for you and your kids at Ninjas United. Drop in for a visit or check out our schedule and classes to find out more!

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