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About Ninjas United

About Ninjas United

We opened our first dedicated ninja gym in the winter of 2014 at our Buffalo, MN location (now private use only). We recruited and invited many ninja warriors from around the Midwest to train with us. Since then, we have enjoyed exploring what the TV Show’s popularity has given to the community.

At Ninjas United, we believe in the community first. We have decided to focus more heavily on a class structure for many reasons. One reason is that we want you to give your dedication to the group.

We have always tried our best to get the best coaches in front of our students. They are personable and friendly! We require safety training and experience of our coaches!

We are constantly involving new modes of exercise to compliment our already unique obstacles training. Our Maple Grove location often recruits cardio and weightlifting. These help to balance the athlete.

We hope you grow with us!

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