Ninjas United Obstacle 5K

Reviews from Google & Facebook

Ninjas United Obstacle 5K

Reviews from Google & Facebook

Ninjas United Obstacle 5K

This new obstacle 5K is located on streets/sidewalks and some grassy areas. The obstacles will be limited to our grassy areas and provide a great mental break from running on the roads/sidewalks. We will have 6 to 9 obstacles with a few varying difficulties! There will be no mud, so no need to wear throw-away clothes and shoes. This course will be great for all ages and skill levels! We plan on mostly teens & adults running this 5K, but we expect hundreds of kids too. We encourage participants to walk or skip obstacles if they feel unsafe. Start training today and make this a goal of the summer!

Minimum age: 7 yrs. with an adult, or 9 yrs. without an adult.

Date: 7/25/2020 (waves every 30 mins)

Location: City Hall, St. Michael, MN

Included in the price of admission:

  1. A unisex polyester t-shirt
  2. A free ticket to our obstacle gym in Maple Grove (usable immediately)
  3. Two attempts on the nearby outdoor camp course. Camp info here.

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Registration Pricing 

Save by signing up earlier!

We cannot guarantee a shirt for registrations after June 15th.

Sign up before April 15 = $29
April 15 – May 31 = $39
June 1 until race day = $49

Race Day = $55

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