American Ninja Warrior Gym in Maple Grove, MN

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NINJAS UNITED, American Ninja Warrior gym in Maple Grove, MN

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Our friendly coaches and staff are ready to help you! We offer open gym on weekends. Those looking for more structure, we offer classes. Schedule a class or open gym session online today. You can also stop by to look around any time during business hours.

At Ninjas United, our obstacles vary in difficulty. We have designed our obstacles and trained our coaching staff to encourage small, measurable improvements. This consistent progress leads to increased confidence and the ability to take on more challenges! You can try just one class or open gym!

Parties & Nerf  Wars

Our parties allow kids to come together and challenge themselves. Our party room is clean and spacious for your group needs! You can even add NERF wars to your standard ninja party for added fun and excitement! 

Is your child ready to train to be a true ninja athlete? Our coaches give them the tools they need. Ninja Warrior training is becoming the new sport! Who knows, maybe you will join our team and represent Ninjas United!



We pride ourselves on safety and coach supervision. All of our activities start with a focused warm-up to minimize the risk of injury.


Our coaching staff design new and exciting workouts, movements and obstacle courses for all age ranges! We have over 50 Ninja obstacles!

Experience our $15 Open Gym

We have honed a gym layout so that all participants can enjoy the same space at the same time. Our obstacles range from easy to hard. We have 4 different height Warped Walls along with 50+ other Ninja obstacles.



Join us for daytime classes and open gym! Run by one of our very best coaches.


Test your ninja skills, and gain friendships. We offer a wide range of options!


Join us for a fun, casual experience with your group of kids.


A 1200 sq. ft. play area for ages zero and up! NOW OPEN!


Let’s get those young ninjas started on the right path to balance and agility!


Pizza, NERF & Ninja obstacles in one amazing night!

Ninjas United LLC

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