American Ninja Warrior Obstacles

Obstacles only or party room!

Join us for fun or serious training!

Camps coming back in 2018.

Fitness for the whole family!

Uniting Communities by Overcoming Obstacles

Coach Logan and Coach Kevin put on an amazing camp for kids in St. Michael! My, almost 7 year old, son and his friends had an absolute blast!

Becky Schmidt

Great birthday party and great workout for dad!! Had a great time and will be back.

Erik Forsberg

Minnesota Dad

Who can participate in Ninjas United activities?

Ninjas United is for all ages, skill levels and fitness goals. Whether you are improving your grip strength for team sports such as hockey/wrestling or training to compete on the TV Show, American Ninja Warrior, we have what you desire. You can join just one session or train with the team to really see the results! We also focus on balance, core and leg strength.

About Ninjas United

Ninjas United began in late 2014 as Minnesota’s first dedicated Ninja Warrior training gym. We continue to create unique obstacles as well as mimic those seen on TV. The owner, Kevin Hogan, has competed on two seasons of the TV Show, American Ninja Warrior. He works with an amazing and talented team of individuals from different professions to help bring obstacles to everyone!