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All coaches are:

Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.

Certified in group fitness instruction.

Certified in NU’s unique and cutting-edge training protocols.

Ninja Warrior elite athletes.

Veterans or applicants of the TV Show.

Very personable and friendly.

Constantly improving techniques to keep them the best in the industry.

Owned and operated by Ninja Warriors!

I had a blast coming to train and compete at Ninjas United! The gym has well built obstacles that can also be changed or switched out, helping to create an athlete that can adapt and constantly improve. The environment is supportive, challenging people to do their best, as well as friendly and welcoming! The event was well run, very efficient, with a great staff that was just as enthusiastic and passionate.

Michelle Warnky

Pro Ninja Warrior

The gym is efficiently laid out, containing a wide variety of American Ninja Warrior obstacles and room to spare. There are some strong ninjas representing this gym, but do not be intimidated as they are as friendly as they are handsome and muscular (very). Expect to be welcomed with open arms at Ninjas United!

Jake Murray

Pro Ninja Warrior

My daughter and I went last night for parent child night and it was great! My daughter was in heaven with all the obstacles and even after 2 1/2 hours she didn’t want to leave. Very un-intimidating environment where you can lay back and watch or try things out. The gentleman that ran it was very friendly, encouraging to all the kids and hands on. I’d highly recommend it!

Heather Carlson

Ninja Mom

Ninjas United was the first Ninja Warrior gym in MN. We have helped actively train athletes to compete on the TV Show. Most of our athletes started as normal, everyday people. We welcome all athletic backgrounds (or lack thereof) and ages. We look at American Ninja Warrior as not only a really fun activity, but the ultimate physical fitness regimen. Check out our locations for details.

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